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Volunteers Clean Up Chapman DeMary Trail in Purcellville

Volunteers Clean Up Chapman DeMary Trail in Purcellville

Volunteers Clean Up Chapman DeMary Trail in Purcellville

More than thirty people pitched in on March 25 to clean up litter on the Chapman DeMary Trail and the Suzanne B. Kane Nature Preserve. Volunteers from local schools, scout troops, and residents joined in the effort to pick up and recycle trash from these two habitats, and the storm water drains and portions of the Catoctin Creek within them. More than 12 bags of trash, tires, and rusted metal were collected, and 7.2 pounds of plastic, 25.6 pounds of glass, and 4.4 pounds of aluminum were recycled. A team of volunteers also put down wood chips to mark a portion of the Chapman DeMary Trail.

“Keeping these habitats free of litter is important to the health of the wildlife that make their homes there and to the health of the Catoctin Creek,” said Amy Marasco Newton, founder and president of the The Nature Generation, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards. “We are thrilled that people appreciate the value of these natural resources and are willing to dedicate their time to helping keep them clean. They are wonderful areas that provide food and shelter to many species, and also give us a place to learn about and enjoy nature.”

Janet Clarke, Blue Ridge District Supervisor of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors was among those who participated in the clean up. The efforts were supported by Keep Loudoun Beautiful which provided trash bags and trash removal, and Arbogast Lawn and Tree which donated wood chips for the Chapman DeMary Trail.

The March 25 clean up was the first in a series of efforts on the Chapman DeMary Trail for a project called “The Trail to Water Quality.” This project is funded through a grant awarded to the The Nature Generation from the Environmental Protection Agency, and is designed to get our youth involved in water quality monitoring and restoration activities on the portion of the Catoctin Creek that runs through the Chapman DeMary Trail.


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