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BLOG: Why I Support The Nature Generation

December 1, 2016:  by Nick McCarter

For me, The Nature Generation mission encompasses three things that are very important in my life, Environment/Nature, Education, and Children. I actively participate in and support many nonprofit organizations that support one or two of those things, but none that support all three.


I grew up with the Chesapeake Bay only a few steps out my back door. My best childhood memories all include some form of being immersed in nature, on the beach, or in the water. Leaving the beach for Northern Virginia seemed like a nightmare. However, having now lived on “our little farm” in Loudoun for 6 years, we love this new flavor of nature that we get to experience daily. I want my children and future generations to be able to have those same experiences.


Most of the people we interact with in our business are extremely fortunate, far more than they even realize. We’ve been given a gift of an education, which is such a powerful and necessary tool for driving positive change both in the environment and elsewhere. We have to continuously work on improving the quality and availability of an education in order to sustain everything we are working so hard for.


Our children had no choice of the environment they were born into, they simply deal with the decisions and results of all the adults before them. We do our best to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for them today. However, the best thing we can do is empower them to make educated decisions long after we’re gone. And hopefully that will allow future generations to enjoy the same environment we do today.

The Nature Generation brings people, businesses, and the community together to simultaneously improve the Environment, Education, and Children. That’s an effort that I’d love to be part of.

Plus, The golf tournament is a pretty good time.

Nick McCarter is the founder and CEO of Chartis, a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective IT solutions for the United States government. McCarter launched Chartis in 2008 with a single project for the Department of Energy and has since grown the firm to more than 100 professionals, supporting 18 public-sector organizations and reducing government spending by millions of dollars. Chartis, translated “map” from Greek, works with clients to strategically map IT investment plans to business needs. Washington Technology, CIO Review and Inc. Magazine have all recognized Chartis for its growth, potential and success as one of the country’s top private companies.

McCarter began his career with Blueprint Technologies as a strategic planner, where he also learned to run a small business. Prior to founding Chartis, he helped develop the enterprise architecture practice at Project Performance Corporation and grew it into a multimillion-dollar practice. 

McCarter lives in Leesburg, Virginia with his wife and twin boys. He has been recognized as one of Loudoun County’s 40 under 40 due to his appreciation for the core American values of hard work and community service coupled with his investment in other small businesses and the local community.  He is a strong supporter of non-profit organizations including The Wounded Warrior Project, Border Patrol Foundation, The Nature Generation, Operation Smile, Trekking for Kids, The Arc of Fairfax, and The Lombardi Foundation. McCarter also serves on the Executive Advisory Board for Computer Science at James Madison University, from which he holds a bachelor of science.

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