Inspiring Environmental Stewards

“Love” the Planet

Look around your house to find one new energy-saving step you can take this month– unplug phone chargers that aren’t being used, caulk up a leak around a window, check the air in your tires.  Click here for more eco-tips by season.

Open your seed catalogs and begin planning a vegetable garden, whether it is a big one in the yard or a modest one on the porch, the food we grow for ourselves is healthy, organic, fresh, and requires less of the earth’s resources to get to our table.

Vote for the planet — write, e-mail or call your local and federal representatives in government to encourage them to take action on issues that are important to you and the planet.  Now more than ever, our voices need to count!

Encourage kids to learn more about how they can help the environment.  Your Valentine’s Day donation will allow us to give even more books about caring for the earth to kids at schools in the area.


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Eco Tips

The average person uses how many gallons of water each day?

  1. 10 gallons
  2. 50 gallons
  3. 100 gallons
  4. 500 Gallons
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