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Green Earth Book Awards

2012 Green Earth Book Award-winning authors, Claudia Davila and Caitlyn Vernon, as well as panelist Dr. Ernie Bond, give interview on WSDL NPR News Talk (Delmarva Public Radio) after the Green Earth Book Award Ceremony during the Read Green Festival at Salisbury University.


2011 Green Earth Book Award Media Clips

“I’m thrilled by the win. Anything that helps promote positive messages about youth activism and highlights my books to new readers is a plus for me.” Abby McDonald,  2011 Young Adult Fiction winner, Boys, Bears and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots


2010 Green Earth Book Award Media Clips

“When I was writing this book I realized that I was telling one of the most important stories which is the story of what’s happening on our wonderful earth right now,”  Marfe Ferguson Delano, 2010 Children’s Non Fiction winner, Earth in the Hot Seat: Bulletins from a Warming World – Mt. Vernon Gazette

2009 Green Earth Book Award Media Clips 

“The Green Earth Book Awards highlight the best in environmental reading for children and young adults” – Jacket Flap 2009


2008 Green Earth Book Award Media Clips 

“’Ella — I wrote this book for you. I hope you grow up in a cooler world…” wrote Cambria Gordon, author of The Down- -to- -Earth Guide to Global Warming, as she signed her book for my daughter, as her own daughter, Arlo, looked on.’” –  Carrie Samis, Delmarva Daily Times


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