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Great Beach Reads

Heading to the beach?   Here are some great Green Earth Book Award winning books that feature the ocean – perfect beach read!

Follow the Moon Home, Philippe Cousteau &  Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Meilo So Saving South Carolina sea turtles (2017 Picture Book winner, ages 5-8)

The Stranded Whale Jane Yolen, illustrated by Melanie Cataldo A child’s effort to rescue a beached whale (2016 Picture Book winner, ages 5-9)

The Eye of the Whale, Jennifer O’Connell The rescue of a whale found tangled in trap lines (2014 Picture Book winner, ages 5-10)

The Sea, the Storm and the Mangrove Tangle, Lynne Cherry Children learn to protect endangered mangroves (2005 Childrens fiction winner, ages 5 and up)

Crane Boy, Diana Cohn; illustrated by Youme (2016 Honor Picture Book winner, ages 6-10)

All the Way to the Ocean, Joel Harper; illustrated by Marq Spusta (2007 Children’s Fiction honor winner, ages 5-10)

The World That We Want, Kim Michelle Toft (2006 Children’s Fiction honor winner)

The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin After a tragedy, Suzy travels the globe in search of answers and gets a closer look at nature and science (2016 Children’s Fiction winner, ages 10 and up)

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly  Richly imagined novel with themes of conquering fear, and humans’ environmental impact on the sea and its inhabitants (2015 Children’s Fiction winner, ages 5-9)

One White  Dolphin by Gill Lewis  Story of friendship and community taps into the radiance of nature and explores timely environmental issues (2013 Children’s Fiction winner, ages 8-12)

Wild Wings by Gill Lewis,  illustrated by Yuta Onoda Iona McNair is desperate to keep the endangered osprey bird safe from poachers  (2012 Children s Fiction winner, ages 8-12)

Science Comics: Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean, Maris Wicks An absorbing look at ocean science covers the
biology of coral reefs as well as their ecological importance (2017 Children’s Nonfiction winner, ages 9-13)

Mission: Sea Turtle Rescue, Karen Romano Young and Daniel Raven-Ellison Provides in-depth information about the habitats,
challenges and successes of sea turtles, so kids can take action to help save these amazing endangered creatures (2016 Children’s Nonfiction winner, ages 10 and up)

Plastic Ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Patricia Newman,; illustrated by Annie Crawley  Follows three female scientists a small research ship learning  about the impact of the Garbage Patch on marine life (2015 Children’s nonfiction winner, ages 8-12)

The Beast of Cretacea, Todd Strasser This futuristic retelling of Moby Dick is an environmental cautionary tale about a dying Earth  (2016 Young Adult Fiction winner, ages 12 and up)

Washashore, Suzanne Goldsmith Clem finds a fallen bird and finds a role for herself helping to bring back endangered birds (2014 Young Adult Fiction winner, ages 11 and up)

Flush, Carl Hiassen Young adults discover dangers caused by a boat dumping raw sewage into the Florida Keys (2006 Young Adult Fiction winner, ages 11 and up)

Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi (2011 Young Adult Fiction honor, ages 12 and up)

Secret of the Sirens, Julia Golding (2008 Young Adult Fiction honor, ages 10 and up)

Inside an Osprey’s Nest, Teena Ruark Gorrow & Craig A. Koppie (2017 Young Adult Fiction honor, age 12-21)


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