Inspiring Environmental Stewards

And the Winners Are…

This Earth Day, we announced our national 2016 Green Earth Book Award winners, given to the authors and illustrators whose books best inspire young readers to care for the environment.

While on a field trip to the Chapman DeMary Trail in Purcellville, a group of 75 2nd graders helped announce the winners and gave their reactions to how the books inspired them to be good environmental stewards. The National Environmental Education Foundation was on hand to present a water testing activity to show the students the importance of keeping our streams, rivers and oceans clean.

“This year’s Green Earth Book Award winners are particularly poignant, introducing young readers to the vulnerabilities of humanity in terms of our connection to the natural world. In these winning books, the adversity and  the struggles to make sense out of life lead to hope and beauty and lay the foundation for stories that inspire us to greatness. They will motivate young readers to view their relationship with nature differently, and to become future stewards of the natural world we live in.”
– Dr. Ernie Bond, lead review panelist, professor at Salisbury University, and leading specialist in children’s and young adult literature

2014 Read Green Festival 094

Each year we donate these award wining books to schools, hospitals and youth groups. Please consider making a contribution to The Nature Generation so we can give more of these inspirational books to our next generation of environmental stewards.

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2016 Winners

2016 picture book winner the stranded whale for web
2016 children's fiction the thing about jellyfish for web
2016 children's nonfiction mission sea turtle for e b;ast
2016 young adult fiction the beast of cretacea for web
2016 green earth book award honor winners for web


Here’s what some of our authors have to say about the award:

Winning authors will receive their awards at the Read Green Festival this fall in Washington, D.C.  The Festival is a three-day event that works to get more environmental literature into the hands of kids through author visits and book donations, and culminates with an Awards Ceremony and Green Tie Reception honoring the winners on October 27.





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