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Sustainable Partners

Sustainable Partners are companies or organizations whose substantial, multi-year gifts have provided a tremendous opportunity for The Nature Generation to make environmental stewardship and education accessible to youth across the country. We greatly appreciate our Sustainable Partners to-date: Click here to learn more about Sustainable Partnerships.


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Luck Stone Employees Get Into Classrooms to Teach about Stewardship

THANK YOU to Luck Stone volunteers who have been presenting our EnviroPlay games and eco-books to schools in Virginia!  Amy Romero, Nancy Burton, Mark Williams, Kenny Jenkins, Sam Rinehart, Ronnie Fellers, and  Katie Koslowski recently have been
to these area schools: Virginia Run Elementary (Centerville), Guilford Elementary (Sterling), Culbert Elementary (Hamilton), STEAM Fair (Chesterfield County), Goochland Middle (Goochland County).  Luck Stone also plans to play the games with classes who visit their quarry.

Click here to see them in action.

Not only do Luck Stone employees bring environmental education into the schools, the organization also generously supports The Nature Generation environmental education programs and was a key participant in the creation of our Education on Energy and the Environment (E3) classroom games, and the next generation EnviroPlay games, which are available for free to teachers throughout Virginia and across the nation.  Thanks to a $40,000 grant from Luck Stone, The Nature Generation is able to make these games accessible for free on-line to teachers and students to address current environmental topics, encourage critical thinking and inspire responsible environmental action.

“Working with inspiring educational organizations such as The Nature Generation enables Luck Stone to connect with the community in a meaningful way to generate conversations about environmental stewardship, sustainability, and having a positive effect on our neighbors.  We remain focused on our mission to Ignite Human Potential, and our work with The Nature Generation helps us to reach the students of Loudoun County and Virginia,” said Mark Williams, Environmental Manager at Luck Stone.

Thanks to the generous support and long term vision of Luck Stone, even more educators and their students will have access to an engaging, fun way to learn about environmental stewardship through our games and books.

A small company with a huge impact

Board member Linda Manning gives our winning authors the white glove treatment when they come to town. As she chaperones them to school visits and author events, she gets the opportunity to talk with them about her passion for great children’s literature. Linda recently had the opportunity to meet winner, Jane Yolen, who wrote books that Linda loved to read to her own children years ago.

Linda personally has been involved with and a supporter of NatGen since our inception back in 2005 and is always willing to roll up her sleeves to help our mission.

Her company, The Council Oak, is a small environmental consulting firm in northern Virginia. The firm is one our sustainable partners that has generously donated to our work each year since 2013. Linda’s generosity extends to offering her in-kind professional services in the form of meeting facilitation, strategic planning assistance, and communications support.

“Linda is an amazing ambassador for NatGen, combining her environmental expertise with passion for children’s literature and an unparalleled understanding of the importance of books for reaching and informing the next generation,” said Jenny Schmidt, program director.

The Nature Generation can’t exist without the resources we receive from our Sustainable Partners.  Even small companies make a huge difference for us — thanks for your support The Council Oak — we couldn’t do it without you!

The Nature Generation Partners with Middleburg Bank

November 24,  2014 — Arlington, Va.  — The Nature Generation, an environmental nonprofit, is pleased to announce Middleburg Bank as its new Sustainable Partner.  As a partner, Middleburg Bank provides cornerstone financial support that allows The Nature Generation to make environmental stewardship education accessible to youth across the region.

Middleburg Bank generously supports The Nature Generation’s environmental education programs and is a key sponsor of the Chapman DeMary Trail, an outdoor classroom in Purcellville, Va. which provides hands-on environmental learning opportunities to thousands of students and residents throughout the region.

“Middleburg Bank is an outstanding community-minded organization and has played an important role in our successes.  They are generous financial contributors and also work collaboratively with us to directly inspire more kids to be good stewards of the earth – whether it’s passing out Monarch-friendly milkweed seeds to their customers, helping to develop a pollinator habitat or sponsoring an environmental reading contest for 5,000 area students,” said Ian Kline, chairman of The Nature Generation.

Middleburg Bank President and CEO Gary R. Shook commented, “We are extremely excited about this partnership. The Nature Generation shows exemplary leadership in both environmental stewardship and community outreach. I believe that by working together we can make a positive impact in Purcellville and the surrounding area.”

Middleburg Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Middleburg Financial Corporation whose mission is to provide high quality financial solutions that aid individuals and business in achieving their aspirations and, in doing so, contribute to the welfare of communities, provide a rewarding work environment for employees and earn a superior return for shareholders. Middleburg Bank services communities across Virginia with financial service centers in Ashburn, Gainesville, Leesburg, Marshall, Middleburg, Purcellville, Reston, Richmond, Warrenton and Williamsburg.

Sev1Tech Partners with The Nature Generation

December 19, 2013 — We are pleased to announce Sev1Tech as a new Sustainable Partner.  As a partner, Sev1Tech provides cornerstone financial support that allows us to make environmental stewardship and education accessible to youth across the region.

Sev1Tech generously supports our environmental education programs and is a key participant in Chapman DeMary Trail Pollinator Plot. Last month, company employees cleared a 4,000 square foot area of invasive brush and hauled planting material that was used to create two monarch waystations within the Pollinator Plot along the trail.

“Sev1Tech is honored to be named a Sustainable Partner with The Nature Generation. This partnership provides our company the opportunity to give back to our community; it helps us strengthen and maintain relationships with the world outside Sev1Tech.,” said Sev1Tech CEO Robert Lohfeld, Jr.  “Through community service, our team grows stronger by remembering our work has a broad reach within the greater DC area.  We are proud to participate in conservation and education for the next generation.”

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