Inspiring Environmental Stewards

NatGen Brings the Green Reading Challenge to Area Schools

Each year, our judges read hundreds of environmental books and then present the Green Earth Book Award to those they deem the best in environmental stewardship literature.  NatGen invites students from area schools to tell us what they think, too.  From March through May 15, students from participating schools are invited to take the Green Reading Challenge by reading and reviewing as many environmental books as they can— including books from our Green Earth Book Award winners list!  For each book they read, they’ll fill out a book review form or create a fun video/trailer.  At the end of the Reading Challenge, NatGen will award an E-reader to the student from each school submitting the most reviews.

If you are a teacher or a youth group leader and want to participate, please contact

2016 Student Instructions for Reading Challenge

2016 School Instructions for Reading Challenge

Green Earth Book Award Winners List

Forms can be submitted to or mail to: The Nature Generation, 3434 Washington Blvd. 2nd Floor, Arlington, VA 22201, ATTN:  Reading Challenge.


Accolades from a Virginia Teacher...

To NatGen,

I would like for you to know that I began working with a group of students on A Place for Butterflies and it is absolutely amazing. The vocabulary, the maps, the colors…oh my! We are working on reading it fluently and asking questions as we read. The group will then share out with by reading the book to younger classes. Just wanted you to know WE LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing this book with us!!! 🙂

Dr. Tiffany L. Brocious, NBCT
Culbert Reading Specialist
Virginia State Reading Association Vice President
Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary School

7th Grader Wins Kindle

Congratulations to Cara from Virginia, winner of our 2013 Green Earth Book Reading Challenge.  She wrote and submitted the most reviews of our Green Earth Book Award winning books and was awarded a Kindle — now she can access even more books to read!

NatGen sponsors the contest to motivate and inspire students to read environmental stewardship books and make personal connections to what they are reading by expressing their opinions and reactions through book reviews.

You can take the Green Earth Book Award Challenge, too!  Just let us know what you think about our award-winning books — complete a student book review form or send us a video trailer.  Click here for details.  We’d like to hear what you think.

Great Green Reading for Kids and Teens

Want to encourage your kids to unplug and read? Try offering them one of The Nature Generation’s Green Earth Award winning books for a great read with an environmental stewardship message without being preachy or dull– literature that can illuminate the world around them and stir their curiosity, helping them to better appreciate nature now and throughout their lives.  Find out more about the Green Earth Book Award..0

Reading Activities to Inspire Stewardship

Give a free book to your local youth group, library or school!  Give kids the gift of a beautifully illustrated book to inspire them to be stewards of our planet.

As a part of the Nature Generation, you can help our mission to get more Green Earth Book Award-winning books into the hands of kids and get them reading!

A Place for Butterflies is a Green Earth Book Award winner written for children ages 6-10 that tells the story of the amazing world of butterflies and a puts forth call to action to protect them. The future of the monarch is in peril as their habitats become depleted. Kids can help by using the tips in this book to care for the butterflies in their own neighborhoods. The Nature Generation is proud to have joined the ranks of organizations building way stations filled with plants butterflies need to survive; plans are in the works for a Monarch way station installation along the Chapman DeMary Trail.

Click here for author Melissa Stewart’s A Place for Butterflies teacher curriculum guide and student activities. 
Click here for resources on how to plant a butterfly garden.

Read to a child in your life. And better yet, read books to foster environmental stewardship! Our Green Earth Book Award winners will inspire kids to get involved and protect our earth!! 

We encourage kids and teens to read our beautifully illustrated and written Green Earth Book Award-winning books that inspire them to ask questions about ecosystems, habitats, and the balance between development and conservation.

Spring into Reading

We are a proud sponsor of March into Reading, a program dedicated to literacy and literature. We know that from early childhood,  kids have a strong desire to connect with nature — so what better way to encourage kids to read than by giving them books that stir their curiosity about the environment around them. We urge children and their parents, grandparents, and family members to spend the month of March reading the Green Earth Book Award winning books that represent the best in environmental children’s literature.

Did You Know?

  • 30 million adults may not be able to make sense of a simple pamphlet.
  • Adults with ability to perform challenging and complex reading tasks made an average yearly salary of $50,700 in 2003. That is $28,000 more than those who lacked basic skills.
  • 85% of all juveniles who interface with the court system are functionally illiterate.
  • Low literacy costs $73 million per year or more in terms of direct health care costs.

In contrast, the benefits of being early and lifelong readers are huge. In addition to excelling in academics and being better prepared for college admissions exams, early readers also have:

    • Improved reading, writing and communications skills
    • Improved spelling and expanded vocabulary
    • Increased areas of interests
    • Sharpened analytical and processing skills
    • Increased relaxation and improved concentration

 (National Center for Education Statistics)


Every Generation is the Nature Generation!

Everyone can join NatGen and our March into Reading campaign. Here are more ideas of what you can do!

  • Contact a local preschool, Head Start program, or library and volunteer to share a story with younger children.
  • Bring children to your public library. From story hours for toddlers to career planning for teens, the library has something for everyone.
  • Donate Green Earth Award-winning books to hospitals and homeless shelters, schools, libraries, or military bases. Click on Amazon link to purchase one of our books, and a portion of the sale goes to NatGen to help fund our programs and reach more youth!

USE THIS LINK to purchase the Green Earth Book Award winners and NatGen will receive a portion of your sale! 

“I think eco-friendly books will affect children later in life -- the younger you are when you begin to learn about things, the more it filters through your life -- it becomes second nature, not something you have to learn at 30.”

~ Eileen Spinelli, 2010 Children’s Fiction Winner: Miss Fox's Class Goes Green ~

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