Inspiring Environmental Stewards

Our Partnership with GFWC

The Nature Generation is proud Conservation Partner of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  We offer tangible projects that clubs can implement in their communities—locally-based solutions to national issues that can make a global difference.  Clubs are also invited to raise funds to support our national book donation program that brings environmentally themed books into the hands to youth across the country.

Click here to get an overview of activities clubs can undertake in their own communities to make a difference.

Our Partnership Goals:

  • Bee Active (Teach Green) – 50+ states create a milkweed superhighway for monarch butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Bee Educators (Read Green) – Raise funds to donate 10,000 environmental books to schools, libraries, military bases and pediatric hospitals.
  • Bee Investors (Invest Green) – Each state support our annual Fill Shelves with Wonder campaign and key conservation holidays such as Earth Day, Pollinator Week, Arbor Day.

Participating clubs are eligible for these awards, which are bestowed at the GFWC Annual Meeting:

Fill The Shelves With Wonder Fundraiser

Create a legacy of conservation!  Clubs are donating to the “Fill Shelves With Wonder” campaign so as your Conservation Partner, we can fill shelves with award-winning environmental books to libraries, schools, community centers, military bases and pediatric hospitals across the nation.

All donations are welcome!  With a donation of $500 or more, clubs can receive a set of 5 environmentally-themed award-winning books which they can in turn donate to a school, military base, library or hospital in your community. Click here for details and a printable Fill Shelves With Wonder Donation form and mail to:

The Nature Generation
3434 Washington Blvd.
2nd floor
Arlington, VA 22201

Or donate online here:

Some Ways to Raise Funds:

  • Sell Flower Power pollinator plants and seeds
  • Hold a live or silent auction
  • Pass the plate at your next meeting
  • Host a ticketed event with an environmental speaker

Your club’s gift will be used to inspire more children to be good stewards of our planet through our programs- thank you for your support!

Latest "Leaders in Conservation" Newsletter

Click here to read the latest club newsletter:  GFWC Leaders in Conservation Newsletter Winter 2016

Club Projects: Gardening for the Planet

Butterflies and other pollinators like honeybees and birds are vital to a healthy environment, our agriculture and the economy. Many are disappearing, and as a springtime project, GFWC clubs can help bring back the bees and butterflies by creating waystations with the plants that these tiny creatures need to survive. A great place to install gardens are at schools and community centers.  Resources:

Print these fact sheets for your next club meeting. To order multiple copies, please contact for pricing information.

Read Green Club Project: Inspire Eco-Reading

Young people learn about nature through beautifully illustrated and written books, like Green Earth Book Award winners, recognized nationally as the best in children’s and young adult environmental stewardship literature. GFWC clubs can donate these books in their own communities and also raise funds to help The Nature Generation get more of these inspirational books into the hands of children and young adults at schools, libraries, youth groups, military bases across the nation.  Clubs can also host an eco-author classroom visit or run a environmental book reading contest in their schools and communities. Resources:

Print these fact sheets for your next club meeting. To order multiple copies, please contact for pricing information.

Spread the Message with this Poster

Clubs can help spread the word by displaying this “There is No Planet B” poster — a gentle reminder that we all have a role in protecting our planet.  You can place your order ($10/per poster) with  Or you can send your request with a check to: The Nature Generation, 3434 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201.  If you plan to order more than 10 posters, ask Jenny about our bulk rates for GFWC clubs.

Green Earth Book Award Winners

Our Green Earth Book Award winning books use the power of story to teach children about our natural environment and the responsibility we all have to protect it.  Each year, an expert jury selects books that best convey the message of environmental stewardship in these categories:Picture Book, Children’s Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Children’s Nonfiction, and Young Adult Nonfiction: nonfiction books for readers from 12 to age 21. Click here for a listing of over 90 Green Earth Book Awards winning books. 


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