Inspiring Environmental Stewards

Field It!

We are committed to educating youth about the environment — it is the primary focus of many of our programs and efforts. Children are interested in learning about the environment, issues surrounding a healthy planet, and the natural landscape. We want to foster this interest while they are still young, ensure that youth understand how important their role is in protecting the environment, and demonstrate that they can take steps—no matter how young they are—to protect our environment.

NatGen Supports 33rd Annual Loudoun County Public School Regional Science and Engineering Fair

The Nature Generation was proud to be one of the sponsors for the 33rd annual Loudoun County Public School Regional Science and Engineering Fair (LCPS RSEF). The goals of the LCPS RSEF are to stimulate student interest in science and engineering, to encourage students to formulate questions about science and participate in independent science research, to provide students opportunities to present their research to science professionals and the community, and to give public recognition to talented students for their work.  To support the science fair and the amazing work done by Loudoun County students, NatGen sponsored the Environmental Sciences category and five NatGen board members participated as judges for the science fair. Max Hall and Elizabeth Wayt judged the Environmental Management category, Debi McGhee was a judge in the Environmental Sciences category, and Caitlin Dudek and Jessica Kent were judges for one of the special awards. The LCPS RSEF was held March 20 at Tuscarora High School in Leesburg, Virginia. For details and to see more photos, click here.

Building Sustainable Habitats in School Yards

We’ve worked with schools to get students in the field to establish outdoor classrooms on school grounds, enhance community habitats, support environmental field trips, and creating a nature trail and outdoor classroom.  Through our partnerships with Loudoun Valley High School, Emerick Elementary, Hillsboro Elementary, and Woodgrove High School in Loudoun County, as well as Easton Elementary, in Easton, Maryland, we have:

  • Supported and funded field trips to get kids out of the classroom to learn about vernal pools and have meaningful watershed experiences
  • Provided equipment such as field guides, laptops, and digital cameras for use in the field
  • Supported and guided the installation of outdoor classrooms such as pollinator gardens, meadows, rain gardens, and wetlands restoration
  • Hosted environmental art and poster contests to encourage youth to appreciate the beauty of nature
  • Encouraged students to create and implement their own ideas to protect the environment within their schools
  • Supported the establishment of an outdoor classroom and nature trail in the Town of Purcellville.

“Your Field It program allows our students to make significant, long lasting contributions to their communities and to their local environment.”

~ Odette Scovel, Science Instructional Supervisor for Loudon County Schools ~

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The average person uses how many gallons of water each day?

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  2. 50 gallons
  3. 100 gallons
  4. 500 Gallons
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