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Read Green Celebration

The Nature Generation annually bestows the national Green Earth Book Award to authors who write children’s and young adult books that best convey the message of environmental stewardship.

Since 2005, we’ve honored over 150 winning and honor books in the Picture Book, Children’s Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Children’s Nonfiction and Young Adult Nonfiction categories. The award brings recognition to the winning authors, and we also pass on the message of stewardship by donating their inspirational books to students throughout the nation.

We’ll honor the 2017 winners’ books for their excellence in educating and inspiring youth to protect our precious planet on the evening of November 8, 2017.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Jenny Schmidt ( Come away inspired by these amazing authors — author panel discussion and cocktail reception hosted at the Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center, a high-tech audio visual collaboration lab in our nation’s capital.

While the winners are in town, we’ve invited them to share their knowledge and stories with kids and young adults at elementary, middle and high schools throughout the area.  We donate each authors’ books to the students and schools as well.


It’s up to all of us.

Join the individuals and business who care greatly about the environment as they support our award, our books donations, and seed grant programs to kids. By sponsoring our Read Green Program efforts, you are helping bridge the gap in environmental literacy.

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A huge thank you to our first sponsors: Booz Allen Hamilton, Cadmus and The Excalibur Group.

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2017 Winners:

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