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Dear Colleagues, Volunteers, Business Partners and Donors,

We focus on our nation’s youth to inspire this next generation to carry the mantle forward. We enrich their experience with nature and outdoor projects so that as they become adults they will think about and care about the footprint they and their family and business make.

Through Teach Green and Read Green we educate them and encourage them to look at expanding their studies into the fields of sustainability, environmental science, alternative energy and green technology. We aspire to teach the ethos of environmental stewardship to individuals, businesses and communities. We recognize and reward those that demonstrate insight and leadership in this field.

We invest in innovative ideas and programs:

  • We are the founders of the United States’  first environmental stewardship literature and book award program — the Read Green Program.
  • We are the stewards of trails and community  and school habitats through our Teach Green Program that allows  students a firsthand knowledge of the diversity, strength and fragility of  local ecosystems.

We are based in the Washington DC area with both a local presence and a national focus for our youth programs.

NatGen is a vibrant organization. We are responsive and responsible. We are innovative and practical. We are multigenerational. We are collaborative. We love what we do. We hope to engage your interest, your talent, your support and your passion.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us and get involved. Help us to help you in your community. Bring forward your ideas. Imagine what we can do when we work together.

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Ian Kline, Board Chair


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Amy Marasco Newton, President

Our Mission

The Nature Generation (NatGen) is a 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth to make a difference. We reach our nation’s youth through innovative environmental stewardship programs in literature, science and the arts.

Our History

The Nature Generation (NatGen) started as the Newton Marasco Foundation in 2004 by Amy Marasco Newton and over 100 volunteers. Amy and her late husband, Dave Newton were the founders and senior partners of the Marasco Newton Group, Ltd., a $50 million environmental consulting and IT firm in Arlington, Virginia. The firm was recognized as a leader in its field and as one of the top philanthropic companies in the region. They sold the firm in 2002 and retired to rethink “chapter two” of their lives. However, Dave died in August of 2003. A year later, NatGen was born out of a desire to leave a legacy in honor of Dave and to continue their philanthropic work in the area of environmental stewardship and education.

The organization was started by current NatGen President, Amy Marasco Newton. NatGen was originally both a way to commemorate the legacy and works of her late husband and business partner, David Newton, and to channel the energy and enthusiasm of hundreds of employees and friends who had worked for Dave and Amy at their environmental consulting firm in Washington DC. NatGen is now managed by an Executive Board with representatives of the top environmental, energy and sustainability firms in our nation.

In just eight years the organization has reached thousands of youth. NatGen designed the nation’s first environmental stewardship literature and book award program for authors who write about stewardship for children and young adults; assisted schools in the national Capital region to create environmental learning centers and natural habitats that serve as working classrooms in outdoor areas; and helped to turn the last ten acres of old growth forest in Purcellville into a student designed and maintained nature trail for the entire community to use.

The organization also has co-sponsored the Centennial Celebration for Rachel Carson on Capitol Hill and responded to the President’s call for individual energy conservation actions by launching its enGAUGE It program where high school students check car tire pressure to save lives, save money and save the environment. Most recently, it has designed interactive environmental games to help teachers bring the environmental stewardship message to youth of all ages.

Washingtonian Magazine features NatGen (formerly Newton Marasco Foundation) and its legacy.

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